Harwood, ND – Rust Sales, Inc. recently acquired the Raguse Trench Wheel product line assets from Steve Raguse MFG. 

Trench Wheels replace ATV wheels and allow the operator to drive through wet fields to make V-shaped trench tracks to drain surface water and save water logged crops.  Brandon Rust from Rust Sales, Inc. says that adding Trench Wheels to the Rust Sales, Inc. manufacturing product line just makes sense.  “We’ve been involved with surface drainage since my grandfather started this company.  This is a cost-effective solution for farmers to get water flowing when their fields are wet.”   

Rust Sales, Inc. currently manufactures the Hopper Walker, NYB sprayers, the DAC 7000 and DAC 8000 controller.  Rust Sales, Inc. is also the worldwide distributor of the SD Drain line of machine control systems for scrapers, blades, and tile plows.   

Since its incorporation 1979, Rust Sales, Inc. continues to find innovative water management solutions for farmers in the United States and Canada.