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Q: How big are the wheels?
A: The 28 inch diameter wheels are 1 1/4 inch wide on perimeter and flair to 3 inches wide in the center. Wheels are 45 lbs each. Wheel hubs are 3/16” formed steel with 12 ga convex-formed steel sidewalls welded to the hub.

Q: How do the wheels work?

A: The outside of the wheel are convex like a farm disk tillage blade,
which does two important things:
1. As the trench gets pushed deeper, the wheel’s convex sides pack the
trench sides outward, keeping the trenches open to drain water all year.
2. The convex sidewalls make a trench with no ridge along the edge. This
lets the water pour right into the trench.

Q: Can I drive over the trenches in the field?
A: Yes, the trenches can be crossed with sprayers, trucks etc without a bump, during harvest, you can shave the ground, combine beans with a flexhead with no damage to the flexhead sickle parts.

Q: How long do the trenches last?
A: The trenches remain in the field all summer, giving you a pattern to follow with ditch scrapers in fall ditching activities.

Q: Will the wheels fit my ATV?
A: The wheels fit all 4-wheelers. Different lug-bolt patterns are matched by changing bolt-pattern plates on the wheels. Once installed, these bolt pattern plates remain on the Trench Wheels.

Q: What if I get a new ATV?
A: If you purchase a different make machine, order new Lug-bolt pattern plates and the wheels will still fit.

Q: Can I drive my ATV with the wheels on the road?
A: Yes, you can drive Trench Wheels on gravel roads, pavement, asphalt, where ever you can safely drive. The wheels ride rough until 6-7 miles per hr then smooth out to ride comfortably. BE SAFE and DRIVE SLOWLY. You can haul, or drive your 4-wheeler from field to field. BE CAREFUL and remember SAFETY FIRST !!!

Q: How much do the wheels cost? How do I order Trench Wheels?
A: Wheels sell for $1295.00 per set of 4 complete with bolt pattern plates, ready to bolt on and use. Shipping through UPS costs $195.00 in U.S. Order quickly online on our secure website, or call 320-563-8389 Payable in cash, check, credit card, etc.

Q: Do you offer any guarantees?
A: They are guaranteed against material and workmanship problems. Email or call to discuss any problems.

Q: What do I do with the money I make using Trench Wheels to save my crop?
A: Take your wife on 2nd Honeymoon, ….or buy yourself a NEW TOY! ☺

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