The Simple Field Drainage Solution


How fast can I drive?

Maximum field speed while trenching: 10 mph.  Maximum road speed 5 mph.  Can be driven on rural, gravel, and dirt roads.  Not to be driven on asphalt or concrete.

How big are the Steel Trench Wheels?

The Steel Trench Wheels are 28 inches in diameter and are 1 1/2 inch wide on perimeter and flare to 3 inches wide in the center. Steel Trench Wheels are 55 lbs. each.

How big are the Pneumatic Trench Wheels?

The Pneumatic Trench Wheels are 27 inches in diameter and are 40 lbs. each.

How do the Steel Trench Wheels work?

The outside of the Steel Trench wheels is convex, like a farm disk tillage blade.
This does two important things:

  1. As the trench gets pushed deeper, the wheel’s convex shape packs the
    trench sides outward.  Depending on the soil type, this has the potential to keep the trenches open to drain water all year.
  2. The convex sidewalls make a trench with subtle ridging allowing water to pour into the trench.
Can I drive over the trenches in the field?

Yes, the trenches made with the Steel Trench Wheels can be crossed with sprayers, trucks, etc. without a bump. During harvest, you can shave the ground and combine beans with a flex head with no damage to the flex head sickle parts.

How long do the trenches last?

Depending on soil type and field conditions, the trenches can remain in the field all summer, giving you a pattern to follow with ditch scrapers in fall ditching activities.

Will the wheels fit my ATV or UTV?

Steel or Pneumatic, Trench Wheels fit all 4-wheelers and most UTVs. Different lug-bolt patterns are matched by changing bolt-pattern plates on the wheels. Once installed, these bolt pattern plates remain on the Trench Wheels.

What if I get a new ATV or UTV?

If you purchase a different make machine, order new Lug-bolt pattern plates and the wheels will still fit.

Can I drive my ATV or UTV with the Steel Trench Wheels on the road?

Steel Wheels can be driven on rural gravel or dirt roads.  Do not drive on asphalt or concrete roads. Max road speed is 5 mph.  We suggest you haul your unit from field to field.

What's your return policy?

The original purchaser a period of 60 days, starting at the date of original invoice, to return any purchase for a refund, less shipping and handling, provided the merchandise is in new, resalable condition, and returned in the original, undamaged packaging. The original purchaser will be charged a 15% restocking fee and is responsible for return freight as well as original freight costs, regardless of original freight paid by the company. Acceptance of merchandise is final only after inspection by Rust Sales, Inc. Returns Department. All returns require a “RGA” – Returned Goods Authorization. All warranty books, instruction manuals, parts, and accessories must be included, as well as the original box in which the item was shipped. To protect the original factory carton from any additional shipping damage, please place it inside another carton for return shipping. No returns are allowed after 60 days of the original invoice date.

How do I install my Trench Wheels?

Click here to view the online installation manual.

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