New Steel Wheels

Trench Wheels has updated and improved it’s wheel specifications to improve trench wheels performance on the newer, more powerful and heavier weight ATV’s used today. The new generation trench wheels are formed and look the same as previous wheels with these improvements;

LARGER DIAMETER: 2 inches taller providing more ground clearance.

WIDER WHEEL FACE: provides better support for heavier ATV’s , lightweight tractors, side-by-sides, ATP’s, etc

MORE TRACTION LUGS: Additional solid steel lugs on the outer face of the wheel provide positive traction and smoother ride on roadways.

STEEL SIDEWALLS: High rubber costs, rubber lug failures, and to more easily accommodate future wheel improvements we are currently manufacturing our patented design wheel sidewalls from lightweight formed steel.

These new changes meet and improve Trench Wheels performance in the field and provide lifetime durability for our customers.

“Our customers are our business! I am a farmer too. I strive to provide product satisfaction for my customers. Your satisfaction is my satisfaction!”

Thank  You for your business!

Steve Raguse
Steve Raguse MFG

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