10 year anniversary! Changes we made

Trench Wheels is celebrating its tenth anniversary of helping farmers drain unwanted surface water. A sincere thank you to all the farmers who have purchased wheels from us!

Trench Wheels evolved to all-steel construction in summer 2011!

Over the past 10 years, with the evolving ATV industry making bigger, heavier, more powerful machines, Trench Wheels saw a need to “adjust” its wheel to accommodate new ATV machines, as well as being able to work excellently on older machines as well.

Over summer 2011, Trench Wheels tooled-up to press out steel sidewalls, make solid steel lugs, and implemented a robot welder to weld the wheels to high-quality specifications.IMG_0072

The three Trench Wheel improvements made in 2011 are pressed steel sidewalls, increased diameter to offer more ground clearance, and slightly increased width to prevent sinking too quickly while increasing traction in soft muddy ground.

1. The pressed steel sidewalls offer the same curvature specifications as previous wheels; with increased strength to handle more powerful ATV’s and small tractor applications.

2. Increasing wheel diameter offers more ground clearance and ability to make deeper trenches. Also the increased diameter means more solid steel lugs to create smoother ride on hard surfaces, and positive lug traction.

Steve Raguse, owner of Trench Wheels, is pleased with positive customer reactions to these new Trench Wheel improvements.

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