Twister Trencher Questions

The Twister Trencher was a big hit last week at the National Farm Show held in Louisville Ky!

Hundreds of farmers studied the video and inspected the Twister Trencher displayed at the

We had great feed-back from farmers and construction people who are planning to add the Twister Trencher to their operation for drainage, erosion fence installation, Bobcat mounting, small tractor category 1 mounting, pull type applications, self powered ATV Side-by-side pull applications. Many new great ideas to use the Twister Trencher!

We can adapt the Twister Trencher technology to your operation and unique equipment, call Steve Raguse 320-815-0865 and discuss your ideas!

Time to order your trencher now as supplies will go quickly when Spring comes.

The biggest questions from viewers at the Nat Farm Show….

1. How DEEP does it dig? Answer…. 0-12 inches deep … and the trench is 4-7 inches wide depends how you set it.

2. How much POWER does the trencher take to operate? Answer…. 20-40 hp depends how deep a trench you are making.

3. How much does it cost to MAINTAIN? …Answer…. Digging blades are inexpensive,… less than $ 7.00 each, complete sets of digging blades and bolts around $ 80.00

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