New trencher to be introduced soon!

Trench Wheels prides itself in pioneering the narrow trench drainage methods and practices currently used for surface water drainage. Our Trench Wheels for ATV’s are perfect for draining unwanted surface water.

In that same narrow trench concept, we are introducing a new 3-pt PTO powered trencher in March!

No question our current farming soil conditions have become drier, and consequently harder to penetrate by heavily weighted disk-type 3 pt trenchers currently on the market.

Our newest trencher is the answer for easily making narrow trenches usually made by 3 pt disk-type trenchers which cannot penetrate dry hard-packed soils.

This unit will be of simple durable design, affordable, and available for test use, and purchase for this coming 2013 farming season!

Our working prototypes will be pictured here, and shown at our exhibit booth at the Fargo Dome Sugar Beet Show, March 13-14.

Stay tuned… Pictures and details to follow.

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