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Standing water produced by heavy rains will destroy a good crop if not drained quickly. However, using heavy equipment in standing water to form runoff trenches creates huge ruts that can cause damage to spraying and harvest equipment.

Trench Wheels – Standard Steel Wheel

Save your crop by converting your ATV or UTV into a ditching machine!

Just bolt the wheels to your ATV or UTV and drive through wet areas, making V-shaped trench tracks to drain surface water and save your crop. Track depth is partially dependent upon the weight of the vehicle and operator. Deeper trenches can be achieved by simply retracing your tracks. Retrace your tracks by driving forward or driving through wet areas then shifting into reverse and backing out. Deeper trench tracks can also be made by driving to the right or left of the original tracks, retracing with wheels on one side of the ATV or UTV.


Trench Wheels are ideal for dry-condition field activities such as crop inspection, pesticide application, fertilization, and rock picking. The narrow-faced wheels produce minimal crop or terrain disturbance. Whether used in wet or dry fields, the trench tracks can be easily removed with conventional tillage if desired.

Produced and sold by Rust Sales, Inc., Trench Wheels are patented aerodynamically formed lightweight steel wheels with heavy duty steel hubs bolted on all-terrain vehicles in place of standard wheels and tires. The ATV or UTV is driven into the field and the Trench Wheels form narrow trench tracks, which then channel and/or drain excess water. The resulting V-shaped trenches produce little if any crop damage. The patented Trench Wheels are available for most ATV and UTV models; call for details.

The “Convert-a-Hub” bolt pattern plates adapt Trench Wheels to various ATV lug bolt patterns. Aggressive solid steel lugs on the outer bead face provide positive traction and are self-cleaning in muddy and/or high residue conditions. The trench wheel tracks are handy markers to map out Fall ditching after harvest.

Trench Wheels – 4″ pneumatic option

Trench Wheels are equally valuable in dry crop conditions where heavy rainfall on hard, compacted soil causes standing water that must be drained or contained quickly to prevent crop loss. The low cost of Trench Wheels is cheap insurance to save your crop from damage due to standing water. Trench Wheels are a “Smart Tool” you can use many times a year to manage surface water problems. Buy a set of wheels; be ready when it rains!

To purchase, contact Rust Sales, Inc. by calling 800-478-7801.